New silicon microneedle makes injections pain free

The company U-Needle asked for a patent in 2008 to produce a microneedle out of pure silicon. Thanks to their own production method the microneedles from U-Needle are extremely sharp and have a very precise design. Edges and surfaces of the needle are shaved to the level of atoms. With the microneedle from U-Needle it’s possible to very simply yet very accurately inject drugs or vaccines. Injections with U-Needle microneedles are virtually pain free, thanks to the ultra-sharp and ultra-fine design of the needle.

Grinding isn’t necessary

In this project the partners have continued to develop the production methods of these super sharp silicon needles. In addition, they’re also looking for new opportunities. The advantage of silicon above conventional steel is that silicon doesn’t dull. The needles are extremely hard and do not require grinding during production, as must be done with steel needles. Through batch production methods and a smart assembly technique, the cost price of the needle is quite low.

Market opportunities

The needle has been developed first for use with the Hepatitis-B vaccine, but it is also appropriate for other applications. Examples are with drug administration, pain alleviation and dermatological applications. The market for vaccines is enormous and is growing worldwide. The project partners expect the microneedle to be ready within a number of years for the market. The technology and new industry will be built in East Netherlands

Short movie about this case (in Dutch):