Opportunities for entrepreneurs in micro- and nanotechnology

High Tech Factory is a production facility with cleanrooms, laboratories and offices where companies in micro- and nanotechnology can produce their products in high volumes.

The number of companies in micro- and nanotechnology is growing. They have a pressing need for dedicated facilities in which they can bring their products to the market in large scale, but purchasing these machines for themselves is nearly impossible. High Tech Factory, just a stone’s throw away from the reputable nanotechnology institutes NanoLab and MESA+ at the University of Twente, offers companies access to these facilities and also offers them financing for machines, with lease funding through the High Tech Fund.

In 2008 there were 21 partners who began with 10 projects to build knowledge about the devices associated with their production processes. These projects were successfully completed. The first part of the renewed production facilities was operational at the end of 2010; the second in 2012. The production facility itself was officially opened on 16 May 2013.

The ten subprojects of High Tech Factory

  • A production platform for lab-on-a-chip
  • Spray nozzle assembly
  • A production line for the disposable lab-on-a-chip
  • Detection of microorganisms with Young Interferentie Chip
  • Process installation micro- and nanospheres for life sciences
  • Process development spray coating for MST applications
  • Study into a universal probe tester
  • Medisol – Solutions for medical coatings
  • Research into the manufacture of a micro coriolis flow sensor
  • Fiber chip coupling assembly

Short movie about this case (in Dutch):