Quicker recovery with a rehabilitation robot

After a cerebral hemorrhage, many people are partially disabled. The disabled portions of the body can recover, but it requires much effort and time, from the patient as well as a physiotherapist.

The robot walks with you
A rehabilitation robot can help people towards a quicker recovery. Lopes is a rehabilitation robot that supports walking movements. A patient steps into the robot as if they’re an extra pair of legs and Lopes walks together with them. Even though the patient does the work of walking, the robot assists when necessary. Rehabilitation is much more effective because the patient is supported very precisely, and is gradually encouraged to continue on their own.

The first robot, which was created as a research prototype by the MIRA Institute at the University of Twente, has been tested in various clinical trials. Based on these results various technical companies have developed a new prototype that performs better in a real world rehabilitation setting. After this new prototype has been tested it will go into production. This will result in between 20 and 50 full time jobs for the Twente region.

Short movie about this case (in Dutch):