Business development team UT, Saxion and RRD

From ground-breaking research to strong corporation
Do you have a brilliant idea, ground-breaking discovery or clever innovation? Kennispark Twente’s business development team can help you bring your idea to market. How? By offering advice about how to protect your discovery, develop the business case, find startup capital and transfer knowledge to a spinoff organisation or an existing organisation.

For whom does the business development team work?
The business development team helps students and researchers from the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and Roessingh Research and Development (RRD) bring their discoveries to market. Additionally, innovative entrepreneurs from the manufacturing and IT industries can also call on the team for advice.

What does the business development team do?
The business development team’s focus is on successfully bringing new ideas to market. To that end, the team can assist with:

  • Protecting your idea or discovery (applying for and managing patents);
  • Looking for and evaluating market opportunities;
  • Drawing up the business plan;
  • Bringing together the right management team;
  • Transferring patents to a spin-off organisation or existing organisation;
  • Advice on legal matters;
  • Advice on financial matters.

Patents to protect knowledge
Turning an idea into a market-ready product often requires significant investments. To safeguard the return on investment for a spin-off organisation, the business development team can assist with applying for a patent on the new discovery. The team coordinates the patent applications for both the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences and checks whether the application meets the requirements. The team also evaluates the business case that goes with the patent application. If the team is convinced of the necessity of a patent application, the application can be financed with a special patent fund.

Transferring patent to an organisation
The University of Twente strives to transfer all patents to new or existing organisations under market conditions. This also means that the University does not provide financial support to patent applications without an underlying business case. Of the sale of a patent is financially beneficial to the University, this sum will be divided between the inventors of the University of Twente. More information about the UT’s patent policy can be found here. For more information about Saxion University of Applied Sciences’ patent policy, you may mail Wouter Ates or call him 053 537 66 86.

Starting a spinoff? Take a look at the possibilities
Both the University of Twente and Saxion offer employees the opportunity to start a business with their acquired knowledge and the results of their research. Given that this research was often funded with public money, knowledge institutes must ask for market-standard compensation. This often means that the university of applied sciences or the university receive shares from the new organisation. The University of Twente developed the Regulation for additional activities for employees looking to start a spin-off business. For Saxion, this is part of the Collective Labour Agreement (article E4-7).

Mandatory reporting of valorisation activities
Employees who are considering starting their own business are required to report this to their institute. This means that:

  • Employees of the University of Twente report to the commercial director of the research institute and/or the business development team;
  • Employees of Saxion report to the dean of their academy and/or a member of the business development team.

Bridging the gap between IT and manufacturing
Until 2019, the business development team devotes extra attention to the cooperation between IT and manufacturing. Our goal is to connect the traditional family businesses in the manufacturing sector to young IT organisations in order to stimulate innovation and cooperation. If you would like to know more about this project from the provincial government of Overijssel, you can email business developer Peter Langela at or call 06 34 685 589.

How does the business development team work?
The team consists of seven business developers, three lawyers and an IP manager. They operate out of the office of Kennispark Twente and on-site at the various research institutes. This ensures they are always aware of any ongoing research and allows them to quickly spot new opportunities. Their experience and backgrounds enable them to help startups and scale-ups with every step of the way to becoming a successful business. If you would like to know more about what the business development team can do for you, email coordinator Roy Kolkman or call him at 06 1434 0502

Workshops and knowledge sessions
The business development team regularly hosts workshops and knowledge sessions about starting a business and protecting knowledge. Take a look at our event page for more information about the next gathering and learn more about the possibilities of starting your own spin-off.

Would you like to meet us? Contact us as follows:
Coordinator Business Development Team / IP manager:
Roy Kolkman, r.g.m.kolkman@utwente.nl – 06 1434 0502

Business Developers:

  • Rogier de Haan, r.c.a.dehaan@utwente.nl – 06 4562 0286
  • Alain le Loux MBA, a.j.f.leloux@utwente.nl – 06 2952 6381
  • Kees Scholler, k.scholler@kennispark.nl – 06 5268 0120
  • Peter Hoekstra, p.w.hoekstra@utwente.nl – 06 5136 7399
  • Peter Langela, p.langela@kennispark.nl, 06 34 685 589.
  • Jasper Reenalda (RRD), j.reenalda@rrd.nl
  • Wander Kenter (RRD), w.kenter@rrd.nl

Legal advice:

  • Frank Groot, f.groot@kennispark.nl – 053 489 4692
  • Peter van Roosmalen, p.vanroosmalen@kennispark.nl – 053 489 3236
  • Wouter Ates (Saxion), w.h.ates@saxion.nl – 053 537 66 86

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