Innovation support!

Innovation can be a complex process. Kennispark Twente offers support for companies that have the drive to innovate their product, service or process. This support varies from case to case. On this page you will find the support structure and examples of innovation in Twente. Need more information? Contact Pieter Dillingh.


We are here to help you innovate! Send us your innovation question via the form below, or call us at +31 (0)88 444 0469

Smart Industry

Smart Industry: ICT als kans voor de maakindustrie Smart Industry is een term die gebruikt wordt om de industriële (r)evolutie te duiden die draait om het maximaal gebruik maken van ICT en technologie om efficiënter, flexibeler, kwalitatief beter en ...
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Innovation Support: Portal to Innovation

Are you struggling with innovation and are you looking for help? The Portal to Innovation offers you help in finding the right partner for your innovation project and growing your company. And help can be defined in different ways. Sometimes it means we f...
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Regional knowledge and expertise: Twente profile

Twente is a region specialized in High Tech Systems and Materials. But what does that mean? Kennispark Twente organizes pitch & match making sessions during which scientists and business people meet and identify new opportunities within a specific the...
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Accelerate Innovation: Open Innovation Centers

Do you want to develop and share knowledge with other companies en research institutes? In Twente several open innovation centers develop and share knowledge related to high tech systems and materials. Open Innovation Centers (found below) Joint initiativ...
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Accelerate innovation: consortia and platforms

Are you looking to accelerate your innovation project? Sharing knowledge and resources can be an answer. Twente is a region with a dense network of collaborating companies, including several platforms and consortia on specific topics. Open Innovation Cent...
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Access to the regional innovation community

Kennispark Twente is the executive organisation for regional innovation policy (called 'Innovatiesprong'). Because of that, Kennispark Twente offers you access to all parties in Twente that innovate and enable innovation. This includes the Industry Board,...
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Financing Innovation

Financing innovation can be a challenge, but Twente offers various good options for funding innovation projects. Kennispark Twente can advise you which funding partners are most relevant for you business case. Some examples include: All innovation funds i...
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Examples and cases

In the period 2007 - 2013, more than 60 projects have been supported by the "Twentse Innovatieroute". Both the government and companies invested about 275 million euros in these innovation projects. You will find information about these projects on our we...
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Science Shop: brings expertise UT and Saxion within SMEs

Do you have ambitious, innovative ideas, but lack of knowledge or in-house facilities to realize them? Contact the Science Shop at Kennispark Twente. We will find you the student researcher or research group of the University of Twente and Saxion who will...
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Smart Industry - BOOST - Marc Leeuw

Getting started with Smart Industry

Smart Industry is all around us: from the data our car sends to the manufacturer to products that we design online and are produced promptly. Smart Industry is often associated with terms such as "the internet of things', robotics, 3-D printing, computing...
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Logo Efro Op Oost

High-Tech Knowledge Transfer

Delivers academic knowledge to HTSM (high-tech systems and materials) businesses The University of Twente has extensive knowledge of Smart Industry and Technical Medicine. This knowledge can help the regional business community with innovation. The High-T...
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Pitch&Match project brings experts and entrepreneurs together

The Pitch&Match Science to Business meetings deliver academic knowledge to businesses in our region. They deal with current topics and themes from Technical Medicine and Smart Industry, such as condition-based maintenance. What exactly is a Pitch&...
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20Creathon results in surprising solution for social issues

How do you come up with solutions for complicated social issues? We developed the Creathon, a kind of pressure cooker for ideas, for this purpose and the results were surprising and innovative. The force of a Creathon is the combination of the right quest...
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Open innovation centres and field labs for SME entrepreneurs

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition, innovate and grow as a manufacturing company in Twente? Do you want to release better products on the market quicker? Join an open innovation centre or visit one of the field labs. Have you been introduced to ...
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