Access to the regional innovation community

Kennispark Twente is the executive organisation for regional innovation policy (called ‘Innovatiesprong’). Because of that, Kennispark Twente offers you access to all parties in Twente that innovate and enable innovation. This includes the Industry Board, policy makers and other companies.

Industry Board

The Industry Community coordinated by Kennispark Twente enables cooperation and joint initiatives in Twente. It’s vision is that open innovation is key to economic development. Together the members of the Industry Board set the agenda for innovation in Twente and with that the economic development of Twente.

Kennispark Twente hosts several Pitch & Matchmaking, and Discussion sessions for this Industry Board and the surrounding innovation community. If you would like to be updated on sessions hosted and on the agenda, we advise you to subscribe to our Industry Community Newsletter (in Dutch).

Network of innovative companies

Kennispark Twente has extensive experience in supporting innovation projects for different companies. Because of that, we have a large network of innovative companies and other parties involved in innovation. Please let us know who or what you are looking for. We will do our best to help you find the right partner and answer.

Please contact Pieter Dillingh, phone +31 (0)53 489 41 18, for more information about the Industry Community.

Subscribe to our regular Industry Community Update, with updates on roadmaps and pitch and match sessions (in Dutch)