Accelerate Innovation: Open Innovation Centers

Do you want to develop and share knowledge with other companies en research institutes? In Twente several open innovation centers develop and share knowledge related to high tech systems and materials.


Advanced Materials

The Open Innovation Center Advanced Materials combines innovative research, building demonstrators and testing production lines for advanced materials in one location. The OICAM is specialized in materials with special properties (e.g. constructive, intelligence, or sustianability). Go to the OICAM website in Dutch.

Thermoplastic Composites

The ThermoPlastic Composites Research Center servers as a catalyst for innovation on thermoplastic composites. The center focuses on development of thermoplastic composite technologies for a broad range of end-use markets, including wind energy, oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, medical, machinery, infrastructure, sports and marine. The initiative was started by TenCate, StorkFokker, the University of Twente and Boeing. Go to the TPRC website 


Recycling Textiles

Texperium is an open innovation center specialized in high-end reprocessing of textiles. The role of Texperium is to bring disposers and potential users of recycled textile materials together, to develop recycling or reprocessing technologies and to demonstrate that the textile waste can be converted into raw material for new products. Go to the Texperium website

Medical Imaging

The Center for Medical Imaging North East Netherlands (CMINEN) is the result of a joint initiative of the University of Groningen (RuG)/University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), University of Twente (UT), and Siemens Netherlands. The center aims to secure a leading global position in innovative medical imaging with groundbreaking research & development, education and valorization. The initiative combines state-of-the-art research facilities, clinical practice and technology, and innovative education in one center. Clinical needs will drive the CMINEN’s research agenda. Visit the CMI website

Laser Applications
The Laser Application Center is specialist in laser welding and other laser operations. The Province of Overijssel has recently granted the LAC with the status of Open Innovation Center (OIC). This grants companies the opportunity to get financial support (up to 70%) for research and development activities that they do with LAC. These subsidies lead to cost advantages and more innovation capacity in the entire chain.

Production automation receives a stimulans with this subsidy and future business partners are enabled to start innovation projects against reduced costs. Examples include:

  • Feasibility studies (economically and technically)
  • Procesengineering, logistics and other
  • Process Optimization
  • Programming and simulations
  • Educational possibilities and
  • Project Management

Go to the website of the Laser Application Center