First investors came forward at start-up Debiteurenbeurs

Debiteurenbeurs receives a million to sell invoices

Barely a month the website is online and already interested investors came forward. Different parties want to make one million euros available to company’s that want to sell their invoices. Debiteurenbeurs, the first online marketplace in the Netherlands for the sale of invoices, offers small and medium-sized businesses the ability to sell non term invoices to investors to quickly gain access to working capital. Investors on the other hand can also generate a good return.

First investors came forward
As an entrepreneur you want to be able to grow rapidly. Debtors often pay bills late, reducing the liquidity of the company is at risk and growth stagnates. In 2013 Bernd Vinke invented the platform Debiteurenbeurs. The past two years he and a small team has been working to set up the company and now the website is online for three weeks. The first investors want to participate. Vinke is pleased with the investors and hopes the first representatives will participate too. “1 million is a beautiful first result. Although we know that investors are seeking short-term investment opportunities with attractive returns, we are still surprised by the pace at which they want to participate.”

Online auction for invoices
Debiteurenbeurs works on a simple principle. Companies can use a financing after they have registered their invoices offer for sale at the site of Debiteurenbeurs. Subsequently, interested investors can bid against each other and the investor with the most favorable price buys the invoice. The company also determines the conditions under which an auction will take place. The costs consist of interest paid by the company to the buyer of the bill, the service fee paid by the company to Debiteurenbeurs and administrative costs for the handling of the bill.

About Debiteurenbeurs
Debiteurenbeurs is located at Kennispark Twente in Enschede. It is the first Dutch online platform that allows companies to attract fast and flexible funding when working capital is needed due to long-term debtors. Investing is possible starting at 100.000 euro. Qualified investors are hedge funds, investment funds and asset managers. “But also banks and insurance companies can contribute,” says Vinke. On the seller side Debiteurenbeurs focuses on small and medium enterprises with a minimum annual turnover of 250,000 euro.