Twente innovation funding for IoT startup Undagrid

The eighth and final Proof of Concept (POC) Fund of 2015 is gained by Undagrid. The company in Enschede provides ‘Internet of Things’ networking technology in the business-to-business market with a focus on logistics. The Technology of Undagrid is now being applied by airports for locating ground equipment such as luggage carts and trailers. The POC funding will be used by Undagrid to further develop their localization and network technology so that good indoor positioning becomes possible.

Track & trace at airports
Earlier this year, Schiphol and KLM have invested in Undagrid, which also has an office at the airport in Amsterdam, where the technique is already used on luggage carts, trailers and stairs. This means that non-motorized equipment not connected to the mains can be easily found in an energy efficient manner. The trackers are connected to each other and exchange information which comes together at a gateway and is placed on the internet. The airport can thus see at a glance where the equipment is located. One battery is sufficient to maintain the network for many years up and running. At the airport in Paris and Frankfurt the devices are already in use. Brussels and London will start soon with applying the technique.

Position determination by means of the network
The solution of Undagrid consists of hardware and software components. The hardware consists of sensors that can transmit the location of the ‘assets’. By means of a portable and wireless sensor network (a ‘grid’, hence the name), and a small number of anchor points, the software can accurately determine where these sensors are located. “Our technique allows users to optimize the logistics of assets, for example, an airport, by quickly and efficiently deploy assets and know when and where maintenance is required. The benefits of Undagrid’s solution is that the initial and operating costs are low, the technology can be added easily and has scaled within existing (digital) infrastructure, low energy consumption and ultimately the solution can be used both indoor and outdoor. We are taking the first steps. In 2016 we will further develop the localization and network technology and the POC funding will help us,” said co-founder Lennart Schroer of Undagrid.

Proof of Concept Fund
The Proof of Concept Fund is a revolving fund totaling 2 million, with a maximum of 250,000 euros per case. More about the Proof of Concept Fund by RVO, Province of Overijssel. Kennispark and Universtity Twente.