PPM Oost invests in Klooker, 1 click shopping in your personal web shop

Order and pay your favourite products and brands from your personal web shop with one click using your smart phone. This has been made possible by startup company Klooker, based in Oldenzaal. Partly because of an investment by PPM Oost via the Innovatiefonds Twente (Twente Innovation Fund) Klooker can be developed further and put on the market.

The innovative platform will be introduced, with website and app, in the second quarter of 2016. A PayPal-account is used when shopping at Klooker. Klooker aims at customers using Pay-Pal who buy online regularly and want more ease of shopping. Dennis Klooker, founder: “One doesn’t need to search for one’s favourite razor blades, after shave, dog food, shirts or other products when using Klooker, the web shops presents to you what they have to offer. One then orders the product directly using Klooker. Logging in or registering at a web shop is no longer required. One click and your product is delivered at home.”
Immediately after commencing, Klooker will offer a wide range of products to its users, who will then be able to create their own web shop.

Ease and mobility
PPM Oost sees a lot of potential in Klooker. Director Marius Prins: “Consumers are spending an increasing amount of money via online shopping. Klooker anticipates the e-commerce ease and mobility trend. We expect that, with the investment, Klooker can introduce the platform and prove itself in The Netherlands. We see enough international potential for Klooker at a later stage.”

PPM Oost invests in Klooker via the Innovatiefonds Twente, together with Eijsink Afrekensystemen in Hengelo and ODIN Groep in Hengelo. As investment manager for PPM Oost, responsible for the deal with Klooker, Patrick Lems, clarifies: “Apart from believing in Klooker’s idea, the collaboration with respected companies such as Eijsink and ODIN Groep is an important reason to invest. We think that the Twente level-headedness these parties have, together with their entrepreneurship, will increase Klooker’s chance of success considerably.”