10.5 million for sustainable innovations in the eastern Netherlands

The EU, the State, Gelderland and Overijssel jointly invest in smart and sustainable innovations in East Netherlands. From the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) they make 10.5 million euros available for 13 innovative projects. Along with the personal contributions of companies, this provides an investment of 26 million into the regional economy.

A consortium of metal companies from Gelderland gets a subsidy of 2 million euro for the development of an ultra-modern metal factory that can put metalwork on the market faster and cheaper. Via Internet, customers can order small series of products at a low price. Fast, cheap and environmentally friendly. Smart Bending Factory is one of the ten Field Labs from the nationwide Smart Industry Action Agenda.

Injectable Hydrogel
Hy2Care from Enschede, Baat Medical Engineering from Hengelo, Twente University and the Veterinary Research Centre East Netherland received 1.5 million euros for the development of an injectable hydrogel against osteoarthritis. By injecting the hydrogel in damaged cartilage, the cartilage is restored and the pain will decrease. This is a breakthrough in pain management and recovery in osteoarthritis. This innovative treatment method is applicable not only in humans but also in horses and dogs.

Job engine
Eddy van Hijum, deputy Economy of the Province of Overijssel: “SMEs are the job engine of the eastern Netherlands. An attractive business climate, innovative and competitive business and close cooperation between SMEs and research institutions is the goal we are putting are backs into. Thus we develop a strong regional economy and stimulate job creation. “

Project overview
The remaining eleven funded projects are the de Broederij van de Toekomst (Hatchery of the Future), Tapas, Steenstrip Productielijn and Connect from Gelderland and Freeform, 24Water and SLIM2 from Overijssel. The Techmed Proeftuin, LEAP, the Recycling Proeftuin and the Groene Eiwitversneller are projects from companies in both provinces. (see project list in Dutch). The EU will contribute 5.5 million, 3.5 million central government and the provinces 1.5 million. Companies are investing 16 million in the projects. In all, this is an investment of 26 million euros into the economy in the eastern Netherlands.

Smart Industry Event
The Field Labs will be presented on February 4th during the national Smart Industry Event ‘Boost your Business’ in Apeldoorn. This event is organized in collaboration with region East.