Nerds & Company implanting microchip in hand

Nerds & Company offers employees the opportunity to implant a chip in their hand. The chip helps workers initially with the log of their hours, serves as a key and turning on and off and unlocking computers. Also geographic location is possible by the chip and employees can trace each other easily.

The first 20 employees implanted the RFID microchip in their hand on March 25. From the 43 employees, 35 employees have indicated that they have the willingness to use the chip. Johan Bruning, CTO of Nerds & Company: “The chip has a greater purpose than just internally, we have recently been busy with Ambient User Experiences and research into all round digital experiences. With this chip, we can further explore the possibilities, more experimenting and hopefully put a good product on the market soon. We can use the chip for all our daily actions and Ambient User Experience is a nice of touch. The people who work for us are fond of this kind of gadgets and are very excited about it”.

Implanting the chip is entirely voluntary. The number of participants who choose this chip exceeds the expectations of Nerds & Company. During the inventory of continuing with the ability to place microchips, everyone has received a document with information about privacy and data. When an employee leaves the company, then the chip will be removed.