Sooner at the top of Google search thanks to University of Twente

Self-learning software ‘Keyword Mate’ clones search algorithm in 28 languages

Invisibility of online shops because of using the wrong keywords will result in bankruptcies. The online battlefield is tough, but ending up on the first page of Google remains an educated guess, no matter how much time and money is spent on SEO marketing. After two and a half years of research KeywordMate, a spin-off of the University of Twente, managed to mimic the Google search algorithm and keep up. The innovative software predicts with great certainty what keywords and keyword combinations put a website up on the first page of the world’s largest search engine.

The Keyword Mate software is based on a self-learning algorithm. It adapts to the changes that Google makes regularly in its own algorithm. KeywordMate and the University of Twente have worked two and a half years to develop their self-learning software and they managed to completely automate the time-consuming keyword research. This is built into a simple application with which very quickly probability calculations can be done. The innovative software searches through all possible combinations of variables in a short time. To begin with this is done in 28 languages. Based on this data KeywordMate calculates with which keywords or keyword combinations a website successfully enters the top of Google search.

Most retailers ‘untraceable’
It is for anyone who sells on the internet important to be found, but for some it is more important than for others. With the explosive growth in the number of online stores and online purchases, especially small or starting stores are barely findable in search results. You can compare this to a shopkeeper in a backstreet with no spontaneous run-up. Of all the people on the Internet 97% look no further than the first page of Google search results. Almost two thirds, 63%, not even look beyond the first three reports. The result is that revenues drop behind and heavily investments in SEO are done.

Wrong keywords and no control
Being well listed generally costs a lot of money. Ending up on the first page, in the so-called organic search results of Google, takes up a lot of time in examining the most promising keyword combinations. And there is no guarantee of success. Success depends on many different factors, which must all be framed. “Within the SEO industry often optimization on the wrong keywords take place,” says Maarten Jurjens CEO of KeywordMate. “The Google algorithm is like Coca Cola: nobody knows the secret recipe. SEO still often remains an educated guess, no matter how much time and money is spent on it. The self-learning algorithm KeywordMate makes it possible to figure out the right words to reach the top.”

The Keyword Mate app is primarily designed for SEO specialists, such as web agencies and online marketing agencies. CEO Jurjens claims that other companies and even individuals can effectively use it. “It will be easier for everyone to find the right words and phrases that help you score with your website.”