Free usage of nanotechnology labs facilities



Industrial parties such as, start-ups and young companies that are busy creating their own company around research, can make use of the facilities of the nanotechnological labs of NanoLabNL. NanoLabNL, an alliance of research institutions in the field of infrastructure for nanotechnology, was started with a monetary 6th round voucher. The nanotechnology lab at the University of Twente is a partner with NanoLabNL.

NanoLabNL voucher of € 7500, –
A NanoLabNL voucher is € 7500, – and it gives a company the right to 50 to 75 hours of independent usage of nanotechology labs (incl. Training) and/or advice about the lab itself. The NanoLabNL-labs are located in Delft, Eindhoven, Enschede and Groningen and each have their own expert technology. Companies whoa re using the NanoLabNL-facilities fort he first time can apply for a voucher until June 1, 2016 (14.00).

Meet nanotechnological research facilities
The vouchers can make it accesible for companies to come in contact with the available facilities and stimulates business activity. In recent years, dozens of vouchers have been awarded to companies. This 6th round voucher from NanoLabNL, again offers 10 vouchers the value of 7.500, – Euros each. Read about companies that have used a NanoLabNL voucher such as, Technobis and Tide Microfluidics in the article Increase of start-ups in nanotechnology.

More information and applying for a voucher
For more information on the vouchers and the procedure, please contact Melvin Kasanrokijat, main program office NanoLabNL.

About NanoLabNL
Nanotechnology is working on the scale of nanometers, millionth of a millimeter. Doing research in this area requires a lot from a laboratory, which must be extremely clean and as much as possible be vibration-free. Via NanoLabNL the Universities TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Groningen and University of Twente, together with TNO and Philips Innovation Services, exploit the four Dutch laboratories in the field of nanotechnology. NanoLabNL included on the national roadmap for large-scale research facilities.