TOP position for Viridi Production

Startup company Viridi Production from Goor has in the past week been awarded a place in the TOP scheme to help them develop PVT solar panels. As well as a €40,000 financing deal, the company will receive a one-year support package from Kennispark Twente, including access to entrepreneurs’ networks. The interest free loan will be used to market the product further.

Founded in 2015 by Peter Pollemans and Johan Visser, Viridi develops PVT solar panels. As well as power, the PVT system also generates heat which can be used to heat water or air. This is an innovative solution using a 3D woven polyester material which acts as a base material for the heat collector Viridi has developed.

PVT solar panels supply 50% more output
Over the past year, the technology driving PVT solar panels has been developed further in Germany. “Throughout 2015 we spent a great deal of time on research and development, surveying our system’s performance. This has clearly demonstrated that our collector supplies at least 50% more output than other products available on the market,” enthuses co-founder Johan Visser. Viridi will soon be relocating to the Business and Science Park at Kennispark Twente in Enschede. Viridi is currently preparing the new production environment at Kennispark Twente in anticipation of larger production volumes. This will enable additional certification and prepare the company for their launch onto the (Dutch) market.

TOP scheme
The TOP-scheme is a (pre-) seed scheme for innovative startups in Twente and set up in 1983. Entrepreneurs who are enrolled not only receive financial support for the TOP-scheme of Kennispark Twente. They also get access to various support options such as coaching and advice on legal issues, marketing and communication goals and along with entry to relevant networks of knowledge- and technology-intensive companies such as the Technologie Kring Twente (TKT). In addition, we are working on close cooperation with the University of Twente and Saxion University. Historical figures show that companies, that have been admitted to the scheme, fetch on average € 440,000 of external money after two years. In the past, companies such as Booking.com, PNO, and Xsens Demcon used the TOP scheme.