Start-up SplitCar welcomed to TOP Light spot

Split Car Top-regeling Kennispark

Sharing a car using SplitCar is easy and reliable.

The Twente-based start-up SplitCar has been awarded a TOP Light spot by Kennispark Twente and will receive a loan of 10,000 euros to market the service. SplitCar is an online platform where the public can share their cars with neighbours, friends or family.

The Netherlands has already seen many initiatives in the field of Peer2Peer car sharing. But that did not stop the young entrepreneurs from the Twente region, Thomas van Eenbergen and Gijs Muller, in setting up a new car-share platform. The idea is to save car costs through the more efficient use of a car in a circle of acquaintances.

In 2018 there should be 100,000 share-cars driving around
A coincidental advantage is that car sharing is good for the environment. However, car sharing and the share economy are still in their infancy. The government encourages car sharing through Green Deal Car-sharing by aiming for 100,000 shared cars to be on the roads in the Netherlands by 2018. But there is still a long way to go; only 14,352 private cars were shared in 2015. SplitCar wants to make a major contribution to achieving that Green Deal Car-sharing goal.

Lowering the threshold
Thomas van Eenbergen: “Current car-share platforms focus on the occasional renting of a car. SplitCar focuses on sharing a car for the long term. A large group of people already share their car with acquaintances, but the cost division and insurance are often not so well organised. With SplitCar it will be easy and accessible to share a car on an equal footing with a fixed community, such as your neighbours, friends or family. In addition, SplitCar is also developing an appropriate insurance solution”.

The pair is currently still in the process of developing the online platform. They expect the service to come online in the summer, but you can already register your interest on the website. The TOP Light spot with the interest-free loan of 10,000 euros will be used to research at a local level what moves people to share their car.

TOP Light
TOP Light is primarily intended for aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea that is not yet fully developed. The scheme consists of an interest-free loan to a maximum of 10,000 euros, support workshops, sessions with fellow starters to discuss challenges and problems, coaching and mentoring, and membership of the Technologiekring Twente. The scheme is financially supported by Regio Twente and carried out in collaboration with the University of Twente and Kennispark Twente.

Unlike other schemes, no fully developed business plan is required: the outline of an idea is sufficient to present your idea to the selection committee. This committee then determines whether the idea and team have potential and whether the loan scheme will be granted. TOP Light offers a first step towards the TOP programme for started/starting entrepreneurs with a detailed business plan and the Proof of Concept programme.