Desktop cooler “Cyrolab” launched on Asian market by Kryoz Techologies

The plug and play desktop cooler, Cyrolab, developed by hightech spin-off Kryoz Technologies, was officially launched on the Asian market this month.  UT-News reports that the company is ready to enroll their product in the Japanese and South Korean markets now that the founders have signed a distribution contract with the American Quantum Design Int’l.

Kryoz develops micro cryogene cooling systems. This extreme cooler is able to cool from -150 degrees celcius and below. The new Cyrolab reaches these extreme temperatures fast and is easy to use. These coolers are especially needed in laboratories and for studies material science. Applications in optics and amplifiers are also possible. The new deal with the American Quantum Design Int’l is a first step to enroll Cyrolab in the Asian markets and to ultimately scale up production.