Minister of Economy Henk Kamp receives Twente Book

During the Jaarconferentie Nationaal Techniekpact 2015 (yearly technology conference) Minister of Economy Henk Kamp received the first copy of the Twente Book, about the high-tech and entrepreneurial region. The preface, written by the Minister himself, highlights the unique position of Twente.Henk Kamp Twente Book

“Twente is one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative regions in the Netherlands. The region historically has has a strong manufacturing industry which today still employs 45.000 people. An impressive 32.000 of those work in the high-tech sector. This is partly because the University of Twente and Saxion university of Applied Sciences have educated these talents in sectors such as mechanical engineering, industrial design and biomedical engineering. In addition, dozens of companies are established across the region by alumni from these research institutions. The high-tech systems and materials sector in Twente is fast growing, a development that has not gone unnoticed.”

The Twente Book presents leading companies from the region. They are exemplary to international companies that want to invest or settle in the region. “This way, international cooperation can lead to innovation, economic growth and solutions for the world’s issues of tomorrow”, as stated Minister Kamp.