Large investment and pilots for start-up SolarFreezer

Breakthrough for innovation that discharges the gas bill of households

An investment and an agreement with two construction companies will enable the breakthrough of SolarFreezer. After a period of testing and elaboration, the invention of the two brothers and Saxion alumni Floris en Roderick Wolters will be put into production. With their innovation, households can save enormously at their gas bill through storage of warmth in the crawl space.

Last year, start-up SolarFreezer from Twente participated in the TOP program. Within this program they were able to enlarge their company. Now, the two brothers are ready to make their dream come true: heating houses without gas expenses. Their innovative system consists of a large special sack with water that is placed in the crawl space of the house. Solar collectors at the roof heat the water in the sack. A special pump extracts the warmth from the water so the water cools down below the freezing point. A lot of energy releases with this phase change. This energy is stored into the water and can be used for heating the house. Because of SolarFreezer, houses can be heated with neutral costs.

In the past six months, the system is tested plenteously at a single family home in Lichtenvoorde. The agreement between SolarFreezer, VolkerWessels, Innovatiefonds Twente and De Groot Installatiegroep allows the start-up to take the next step. “With this investment we took the best step possible to introduce our product at the market. We want to provide a large contribution to the preservation of the Netherlands by equipping as many houses as possible with this system. Less gas from Groningen? No problem at all is with this system. And beyond that, we discharge the gas bill”, says founder Floris Wolters.

Energy storage
Innovatiefonds Twente thinks that the SolarFreezer is the solution for energy storage. This problem is one of the main issues of our time. There are a lot of innovations in the field of solar collectors, but they just deliver in times of good weather conditions. And in these moments, less energy is needed. With the investment in SolarFreezer, the start-up can test and show at several locations that the system really works. After that, the product can be introduced at the market.