Aeronext Life will settle at Technology Base Twente

Aeronextlife can create over 70 new jobs for mbo and hbo

AeroNextLife is the first company to settle at Technology Base Twente. The unique runway of the former Twente airport and plans for the development of the area to Technology Base Twente, were the main reasons for Aeronextlife (AXL) to choose for Twente. With a unique upcycle method the company gives aircraft parts a new life.

Boeing and Airbus both indicate that up to 4,000 aircrafts a year will be available for upcycling. AXL wants to be frontrunner with this kind of recycling. Therefore, it invests in the pilot plant in Twente that will be operational in 2016. Its goal is to upcycle several dozen aircrafts a year. This will create about 70 jobs and many more indirectly through spin-offs at suppliers. Kennispark Twente acquires along with Technology Base Twente for settlers with a focus on High Tech Systems and Materials.

“A sustainable economy will grow by doing. Therefore, we searched for a large niche in the aircraft industry. To upcyle aircrafts we preserve the value of the planes. The airplanes will be converted into raw materials and reusable parts. Our choice for the industrious and innovative Twente is logical: we see cooperation on many fronts. The fantastic runway in combination with our concept will be an example for the sustainable management of materials,” said Frederic Chaillet, one of the initiators of AXL.

Promising initiative
The municipality of Enschede and the province of Overijssel are in the lead for the search for settlers at Technology Base Twente. Aad Veenman, chairman of the Top Team, leads this process. “Several companies applied when the civilian airport was cancelled. AXL was one of them. They want to start their pilot plant by January 1st, 2016. This means that we have to be pragmatic. We strongly recommand to give them the chance to make a success out of this. It is an interesting project, which connects the airport to the materials chain. At the same time, we continue our search for companies that are relevant in the field of Advanced Materials and Manufacturing. Future cross-linking with the activities of AXL may be interesting, but like any business in the start-up phase, their focus will be on running their own business model,” says Veenman.

Optimal temporary use
“The re-use of existing buildings and the facilitation of temporary use acommodates the philosophy of Technology Base Twente. This includes facilitating companies that are looking for cooperation within the region and with educational and research institutions in Twente. This approach creates opportunities for young people looking for a job. Because everyone is aware of the power of cohesion in the area, we can prevent cluttering the area. Working together is more effective than just isolated activities and developments. We want to develop the area step by step and we are already a little ahead of the schedule,” said Hilde Blank, chairman of the Quality Team. The profile for Technology Base Twente will be prepared by the Quality Team in close collaboration with the Top Team and will be presented after the summer of 2015.

Start and procedures
Aeronextlife will start in two existing hangars. After the pioneering phase they want to settle at a more permanent location in the area. AXL wants to start with the pioneering phase on January 1st, 2016. This is when the municipality of Enschede has granted the environmental permit, for which the procedure will start soon.