Zeeuws Investment Fund invests in Dovideq Medical


Zeeuws InvesteringsFonds (Zeeuws Investment Fund, ZIF) will invest a substantial amount in the start-up Dovideq Medical. The company from Deventer develops instruments to measure the quality of rigid endoscopes. The investment is between € 400,000 and € 1 million and is made available in equity.

Endoscopes are widely used in the medical world in order to perform minimally invasive surgery. Hospitals have suffered from faulty endoscopes leading to delays during the operation but this also ensures a higher risk for the patient. Dovideq developed the instrument ScopeControl, a device that checks if an endoscope can be used safely. This device checks if the endoscope has moisture and dust in it and examines if the lens is damaged. The results are evaluated via an algorithm and compared with the minimum requirements of an usable endoscope.

About Dovideq
Dovideq Medical was founded in 2011 by Bert Dommerholt and Menno de Braak. In 2012 the company received a TOP financing and they won the Young Technology Award. They recently developed a new device; the DoviSCAN, a Data Matrix scanner that reads codes on medical devices and therefore can be easily used for track and trace purposes or other forms of registrations. Dovideq is also working on a Cloud environment in which the measurement registrations of all endoscopes are saved. This makes it possible to compare the quality and the use of endoscopes with each other.

International grow and new developments
“With the funding we want to become a leading player in the field of control and optimal usage of endoscopes within 5 years. The investment of ZIF ensures that we can achieve this ambition”, says Bert Dommerholt, co-founder and CEO of Dovideq.

An impressive company
Johan Sebregts, fund manager of ZIF was impressed about the performance of the company. “They had already sold a sizeable number of ScopeControls to leading hospitals, created ties with some renowned distributors and were supported in the development by researchers and specialist in both The Netherlands and Germany.”