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Free Lunch Friday: Leap. The innovation Agency

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About Leap

Innovation, Financing and Strategy. Innovative organizations in countless sectors. That is the world of Leap, the world of Funding and Business Innovation. The world of strategic advice in the field of subsidies and other financing, and the optimization of innovation within a business. This can be broad or highly specific depending on the situation. Complete advice is a given which is why we host in-house expertise in technological organizations and sector and ordinance specialists. Supplemented with strategic alliances with the right partners.

What can you expect?

At Leap, the team comes together every day at a long, communal table for lunch. Employees can choose from lunch items such as bread, crackers, rolls and spreads, lunch meats, cheese, humus, peanut butter and sprinkles and beverages including water, coffee, tea, milk, drink yoghurt or juices. During the lunch at Leap, you can delve right in with our employees from every department. You’ll get a real taste of our organization! Prior to the lunch, a short presentation about our organization will be given.


Do you have allergies? Send an email to with your dietary needs and which business lunch you will be attending. We will ensure that the organization make suitable arrangements.

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